40 years

Excellent quality,
Excellent customer service
and many years of know-how.

The company

Since 1976, when Miltos Vangelis opened his first store in the Martiou district, the confectioneries MILTOS have been synonymous with quality sweets, offering enjoyment to residents of Thessaloniki with a wide variety of products.

In 1999, the first factory unit was constructed, which today houses all production departments. The firm now consists of 10 modern shops in Eastern Thessaloniki, with unique delicious patisserie items, pies, ice cream, syrup-soaked sweets and more.

The philosophy of MILTOS patisseries relies on healthy development, commitment to quality and the best possible service to our customers.

The experience in the food industry and the competitive advantage of our modern factory unit cover your needs for:



Grand openings and wedding receptions

Children’s and other parties

Business Coffees & Luncheons


The industrial unit is equipped with the most modern production equipment in order to produce a wide range of products. The facilities were designed with strict adherence to safety and hygiene rules laid down by international law.

Raw materials, ingredients and finished products are kept at proper temperatures. Finally, the cooling areas are equipped with recording thermometers in order to achieve the correct temperature.

All employees in the production unit attend educational programs for personal hygiene and sanitary handling of food.


The main objective of MILTO S.A. is the constant improvement of quality and full compliance with legislative requirements. We have applied a certified quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and ISO food safety system (HACCP) 22000:2005 since 2002. The scientific staff of the quality Department is composed of a chemical and a food technologist.


ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008

Management Systems -Quality systems – Requirements


ELOT EN ISO 22000:2005

Requirements for food chain organisations.

Quality Policy

The company Miltos S.A. operates the production and sale of baked goods, bread and other food items as well as other products and catering services.

“Quality for Miltos S.A. means to respond to and surpass our customers’ expectations.”

It is the policy of Miltos S.A. to protect and guarantee the safety of products and services we offer, and for this reason, we apply the highest standards of quality and food security in all activities of the enterprise.

We have the responsibility to our customer to ensure that the products and services that we provide are safe and completely fulfill specifications while also ensuring profitability for the business in a competitive environment.

Food safety is achieved through the implementation and verification of the HACCP plan. The quality of the product and services is achieved via the effective application of quality management system. The quality management system is based on the international ISO standards 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005

For the implementation of the quality policy, the Management of MILTOS is committed to the following:

All products and services to comply with the legislative requirements of food safety and workers

To apply the quality management system in all operational frameworks of the Organization

To regularly examine the quality performance of the system and the process of continuous improvement, setting even higher standards of quality

To provide instruction, information and education to employees with the purpose of producing products and offering services of quality and safety

To examine customer satisfaction and set standards for maximum satisfaction

To ensure that all staff know and understand the quality policy of the company and its commitment to quality and safety.

As the Management of Miltos S.A., through our quality policy, we are committed to allocating the necessary resources to adhere to all the above.

It is our responsibility to make the present quality policy known to employees, executives, customers, suppliers and to all other interested parties.

General Manager

Antonis Vangelis


An integral part of our corporate philosophy is the protection of the environment and a high ecological consciousness.

That is why we are actively involved in the recycling program of Hellenic Recovery Recycling.