With many years of recognized success in the bakery industry, MILTO S.A. has also been active for 20 years in catering.

The company can cover all your needs for coffee, luncheons, children’s parties, Christmas and other celebrations, grand openings, weddings, christenings and any other type of event, providing all the necessary equipment.

For weddings and baptisms that we cater, as a gift, we provide a welcome table decorated with lanterns, white and coloured meringue cookies, candy, smarties and marshmallows. The menu is always chosen after personal contact with you and the great variety of dishes provides the ability to satisfy all your needs and preferences. All dishes are produced from the best quality ingredients, cooked with traditional homemade recipes. Our experienced and skilled staff and the wealth of equipment we have available give every event the image it deserves. Finally, our privately owned refrigerated trucks responsible for transfer will deliver the menu impeccably prepared and fresh, wherever the event is.